Font Sync for Mac - Privacy Policy

This privacy policy covers the use of the Font Sync app available on the Mac App Store. It was last updated on August 2, 2018.

We don't want anything to do with your data, so we avoid collecting it as much as possible. In general, we have access to two types of data: (a) web requests if you have web-based font search enabled, (b) sales reports and crash reports.

Things kept local on your computer and never sent to the server: what fonts you have installed, what fonts you have in your shared folder, what fonts / search terms you are searching for, etc.

(a) web requests

If you have web-based font search turned on: there will be a (relatively) infrequent need to update the available fonts, which results in a request from our server. If you click to install a font or visit a font provider to get a font, that request is handled by our server. None of these requests contain your personal information, beyond what is typical for our web server to briefly log. (ex: your IP address, browser, and pages visited).

(b) sales reports

Apple provides us with anonymous sales reports and crash data. You should review Apple's privacy policy regarding what is provided in those reports. If you purchase a font, the font provider may pay us a commission and those reports typically indicate what fonts were purchased, but not who specifically purchased a particular font. You should review each font provider's privacy policy, because they do their own thing.

That's really it. Font Sync is meant to be a simple utility and nothing more. If you have any questions or think we should clarify something, don't hesitate to send us a message.

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